Sunday, November 25, 2012

the birthplace of Texas

we spent the past few days in deer park (near houston) with one of our favorite families ever: the blockers! deer park, apparently, is the 'birthplace of texas' because that's where the texans fought the battle that secured their independence from mexico---or so it goes according to one justin blocker. anyway, we love those guys. 

some highlights: 
  • fried turkey---unbelievable
  • bacon-wrapped-brown-sugar-cured green beans (the green beans function only as a vehicle for more bacon)
  • hot tub
  • track workout in pouring rain
  • anvil: if you're ever in houston, go to this bar
  • grilled steaks and great talks with justin, jayson, lizzie, brooklyn, and baby brody
  • late nights and sleep-ins
  • a good laugh over the maxima's amazing ability to endure anything, even F-350s knocking on her bumper
  • listening to the lumineers on the drive back home today
  • pad thai to finish out the weekend...just couldn't help ourselves
getting back to real life tomorrow is not going to be pleasant! but the good news is: Christmas! 

the knickerbocker: deeelicious! 
pleeease take note of mark's dainty glass
again, notice mark's glass

little miss brooklyn helping out in the kitchen
mark's only consolation today after realizing he left his travel mug at the blockers' house: the saga continues

mine is the cinnamon sugar one!

hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

pie for breakfast, anyone?

mark just walked into the kitchen and turned on the oven. i said, "what are you turning on the oven for??" he said, "sweet potato fries." i looked at the clock like i was crazy and said, "but it's 10:20 in the morning." he said, "exactly. i'm having eggs, bacon, and potatoes for breakfast." 
i guess it's still birthday weekend and he can technically do whatever he wants? after all, we did eat pie for lunch yesterday. 

annnyway, here are some pictures from the birthday: 

apple pie i made from scratch 
the only thing i could think of to keep him from seeing the cart. he didn't even notice the giant lumpy thing covered by a blue sheet in the corner. 
glenmorangie 18: a scotch that he has been wanting forever but that he would never buy for himself! he was not expecting me to get this for him!
the cart + scotches + glasses. i put that cart together allll by myself!
the pie after digging into it with mark and keith
oh, we also got giddy a little gift: a christmas reindeer to chew on! 


Friday, November 16, 2012

happy birthday, mark!

happy happy birthday to my darling husband today! 
my life would have infinitely less mustaches and general bravado without him. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

oh hey there, it's been a while

i haven't forgotten about my blog! we just had a few weeks where everything was kind of humdrum and i didn't feel like updating to say "oh hey, we're just doing the same normal go-to-class-read-write-sleep-eat that we always do." 

what we've been up to...

1. some little crafts, as usual! 
ribbon wreath for the guest room

corks from our first year of marriage
birthday garland! i couldn't resist. 

2. angel and valerie drove down from kansas city to visit us for a few days! of course we didn't even take one picture together, go figure, but we had a great time showing them around denton. we had ice cream on the square, made a visit to the candy store (and did not leave empty-handed-- well mark and i didn't, anyway. val and angel have more self control), grilled kebabs, ate out, and showed them around campus. we didn't have time to do everything we wanted but we were just happy to have two days with them!

3. giddy is twice the size he was when we got him a month ago! he is, i think, completely housetrained now. he is extremely friendly and loves to play with other dogs--even if the other dogs don't reciprocate at all (i.e. angel's dog husky, who is content to lay on the floor while giddy chews his ears and legs incessantly). i've been trying to teach him a trick and i think he's finally learned! see the video :) it's strange to think that growing up i was so not a dog person. it just goes to show that marriage changes people! 

giddy finished his first bag of dog food!

4. it's birthday week in this wagenaar household! poor chagrined mark has to endure my extensive birthday celebrations, as in, i sang him happy birthday today even though his birthday isn't until friday. but i <3 birthdays, and any reason to celebrate my sweet husband!