Sunday, November 25, 2012

the birthplace of Texas

we spent the past few days in deer park (near houston) with one of our favorite families ever: the blockers! deer park, apparently, is the 'birthplace of texas' because that's where the texans fought the battle that secured their independence from mexico---or so it goes according to one justin blocker. anyway, we love those guys. 

some highlights: 
  • fried turkey---unbelievable
  • bacon-wrapped-brown-sugar-cured green beans (the green beans function only as a vehicle for more bacon)
  • hot tub
  • track workout in pouring rain
  • anvil: if you're ever in houston, go to this bar
  • grilled steaks and great talks with justin, jayson, lizzie, brooklyn, and baby brody
  • late nights and sleep-ins
  • a good laugh over the maxima's amazing ability to endure anything, even F-350s knocking on her bumper
  • listening to the lumineers on the drive back home today
  • pad thai to finish out the weekend...just couldn't help ourselves
getting back to real life tomorrow is not going to be pleasant! but the good news is: Christmas! 

the knickerbocker: deeelicious! 
pleeease take note of mark's dainty glass
again, notice mark's glass

little miss brooklyn helping out in the kitchen
mark's only consolation today after realizing he left his travel mug at the blockers' house: the saga continues

mine is the cinnamon sugar one!

hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! 

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