Monday, December 3, 2012

wassail fest 2012

i am planning to do a post soon about denton, and all the eccentricities of this town (at least as far as i understand them after living here for only 16 months), but suffice it to say that denton has a very unique character. it is never dull to live here. friday night mark and i got to experience "wassail-fest"---you should hear mark try to say that word. he can't get it right. it's pronounced like "waffle," except with s's instead of f's. wassail-fest is this big festival at the town square. lots of vendors set up shop (corn dogs, funnel cakes, pizza), thousands of dentonites come out, the square is lit up for christmas, and all the stores and boutiques stay open way past their usual closing times. wassail is a hot, mulled cider. at wassail fest, many of the shops make their own wassail and give it out for free! it's a lot of fun to go around and try all the different kinds of cider, because each one has its own flair and flavor. by the time we got there, a lot of the shops had already run out, so next year we will make a note to go early!

the town square swarming with people
this is one example of how unique denton is---a woman at wassail fest was walking her PIG on a leash! 

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