Friday, December 7, 2012

hi to our giddy guy

giddy looking out his favorite window

tomorrow marks two months with our giddy, which would make him about five or six months old now, since the shelter wasn't positive about how old he was when we got him. he has quite a personality-- it's weird to think that we "got to know him" the way you would get to know a person, but i feel like that is indeed what we did. i usually know what's going to make him happy or upset, or what will make him bark, or when he is going to go berserk and wreck everything (hyperbole). i frequently tell mark that it is like giddy is a "teenager" in dog years because it honestly feels like he's rebelling sometimes! he gets so mad when mark and i eat dinner or lunch because he can't have our food, and mark scolds and shoos him to the other side of the room if he tries to come over. then giddy goes very still, stares at us for a second, and barks like crazy! it feels like the equivalent of talking back or slamming a door to make a point. giddy loves all kinds of bread, and he adores ritz crackers with peanut butter. he also loves sweet potatoes, so whenever i give him the leftovers, he licks his bowl spotless, tracing it along the edge of the wall until he runs into something. it also seems like he's become "aware," if that makes sense. he used to be oblivious of the world outside our house, but now he loves to sit at the window or the front door and observe the outdoors. we take him on a walk every night before bed, which he loves. when we come back, though, he knows it's bedtime and tries to crawl under our bed and go to sleep, hoping we'll forget to put him in the laundry room-- but we don't forget. sorry, giddy. he is not a big fan of the car; it makes him quiet and kind of jumpy (and getting rear-ended, which sent him flying off the backseat onto the floor, did not help matters).  he loves company and gets really wild when people come over-- i swear, just like a child showing off. he is now completely house-trained, hallelujah. but he seems to have a bit of a weak stomach and pukes about once a week. hopefully that will stop soon! 

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  1. Love your dog! I'm also really liking your blog - keep up the good work!

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