Thursday, October 18, 2012

around here...

1. my favorite trees in denton...these are just down the street from us. i would love to know what kind they are because gosh, they are beautiful

2. gideon and his best friend bessie. some of us hang out with our best friends. some of us eat them. 

3. our backyard oasis: we've been spending a lot of time back here, reading, grading, and drinking tea while gideon sniffs and digs and trots around. or just lolls in the grass and tries to get us to rub his belly.

4. our little guy! he's 12.6 pounds this week! 

the semester's definitely in full swing and i stay pretty overwhelmed, at least this week and last week (and next week, by the way things are looking). but i'm hoping to do a post soon about why i love thrifting with maybe some little projects i've been doing (and i mean little--no time for anything big unfortunately!). does anyone else love to spray paint like i do?? 

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