Monday, October 1, 2012

so we meet again, october

october is such a beautiful word, is it not? i like to say it: happy october, happy october. we spent a lovely rainy weekend with our windows open and candles burning, writing and trying to get a headstart on the week's reading. it rained all day on saturday: all day. such a rare thing for texas.

yesterday began worship diversity month at our church, which i got to experience last october, as well. basically the band leads worship in a vastly different style each week of october, such as gospel, traditional/liturgical, etc. yesterday in addition to the regular band, there was a choir, a brass section, and a full strings section. amazing. i wish i could somehow encompass that entire experience and put it in this blog. let's just say it's a good thing i wasn't wearing any mascara.

for today, i've got my first pot roast in the crockpot, along with carrots and potatoes of course...can't go wrong with a crockpot right?? denton friends, if you don't know what you're eating for dinner tonight, come join us. i'm serious---we will have way more than two people can eat.

dear friends Tim & Catherine who came out for Mark's game...just in time to see the second half get canceled 
that sky! 

the grocery list for saturday night
the aforementioned 'snack dinner' FAVORITE 

i taught mark how to make my curry chicken salad. he requests this on a weekly basis, so now he can fend for himself when he wants it! 
curry chicken salad with grapes (usually red) and cashews

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