Thursday, October 4, 2012

the next few days...

i fly out tomorrow, heading to landrum, sc, for my cousin kate's wedding! she is the soon-to-be mrs. justin schultz and i am so excited to be able to go. i love weddings and all things related. it's hard being so far away from family because i have to miss out on things like wedding showers and birthday parties and graduation get-togethers. not to mention first days of kindergarten and middle school, and flag football games. as much as i love our life in denton, we do not plan for texas to be our permanent home and hope on the other side of these next few years, maybe just maybe, to make it back to the east coast. i try really hard to be content where God has us and to dwell in this time of our life, but sometimes it is just tough not to be sad and feel like i'm missing out on a lot. all that to say, these 48 hours of impending family time feel like such a gift, and on top of that to see my sweet cousin marry her best friend, well, that's a lot for one happy heart to handle! i just wish mark were able to go this time, but unfortunately this country has not yet moved toward universal airfare. (can we make that a priority, obama?) 

since i don't have photos of kate's wedding (yet!), i'll post some of ours to ring in wedding spirit... 

my bouquet with my nana's ring wrapped into it 
this picture has always made me laugh. i can't remember what he said to me, but he probably asked for my food. 
i think it was alaina who had the beautiful idea to string up daisies with the lights 

photo credits: josh beacham

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  1. YESS! Universal Airfare--best campaign idea yet! :)
    Have soo much fun this weekend!!