Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meet Gideon!

Meet Gideon. He likes to cuddle a lot, and doesn't squirm if you pick him up and hold him. He loves to have his belly rubbed. His ears are slightly oversized and floppy; his brown eyes are big and serious. He's a cross between a lab and a catahoula leopard dog, so his coat is white and dappled brown. Sometimes he gets the hiccups. He doesn't bark, but he growls at utility men and cowers at the exterminator. When he poops in the house, he is polite enough to do it in the bathroom. He used to live at the Denton animal shelter, but now he lives on Ponder Street with humans. He prefers to lie on rugs, not the hardwoods. Sometimes he tries to chew Chelsea's slipper, but most of the time he is good about chewing only his toys. Once, he puked on the rug. He has a little cough, but he takes medicine for it. In the backyard, he likes to trot around and chew the pecans that fall from the tree. He doesn't quite get the hang of fetch, but his efforts are promising. Once, in the backyard, he tried to stand on his hind legs where the ground slanted downhill, and he did an accidental back flip. If you scold him, he pouts. He also has a very strict sleep schedule and needs to nap about eight times per day. If you give him a milkbone treat, he will try to bury it in his bed. He goes by Gideon, Giddy, Giddy Little, Little G, Big G, and Giddy Guy. He answers to none of those. 

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