Friday, September 14, 2012

caramel apple crumble bars, soccer, & rain

the title basically sums up our weekend. it's raining in denton today, a beautiful gray drizzle, and it's about 63 degrees. i'm wearing jeans: jeans

i made these caramel apple crumble bars last night on a baking whim. sometimes i just need to make something delicious, and i love when the house smells like sugar and caramel. it's like a candle, but better because you get to eat it. plus these seemed like a fitting treat for ushering in what finally feels like autumn!

they turned out great for the most part. i don't know how annie got them to slice up so neatly into bars, like they are pictured in her recipe, because mine had the consistency more of apple pie/apple crisp, meaning they glopped all over the plate. but they still tasted divine. we shared some this morning with our friend keith after a rainy run. 

mark's first soccer game is tomorrow, at the field by the beer barn/the old football stadium. denton friends, come out and watch! it's at 1:00. as a girl who never got to have a uniform for anything, i'm jealous of his sweet new gear. how come they don't give out uniforms for writing awesome poems??! 

and that's about it. we are basically just relishing our friday and looking forward to the weekend. i think i might also satisfy my craft urge and make an autumn leaf garland to hang on the wall in our living room. any excuse to pay a visit to hobby lobby.

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