Monday, September 24, 2012

sweet, sweet days

we had a great weekend: lots of friends, pumpkin treats, laughing, good food, crafts, and not enough homework. oops...i'm going to be paying for that all week. i couldn't resist the effort to make our house autumnal, so i spent like two hours cutting leaf shapes out of felt. phd in what? 

i tried to make these pumpkin doughnuts (you can tell i love annie's blog) on saturday, and it did not go so great for me. in the end, they tasted amazing (tough to make them actually taste bad), but it was a lot of work, and the dough was impossible to handle (way too sticky), and they didn't cook all the way through so all the doughnuts were doughy in the middle. "i thought it was some kind of filling," mark said. he's sweet to me. 

on sunday, i went to mark's soccer game, got sunburned (which i tried to keep a secret from him by not allowing him to see my back for the past two days because he gets so mad when i don't put on sunscreen. but he finally saw, and lectured me), cheered him on, tried to take some videos and pictures that were semi-worthwhile, and laughed a lot at him when he took an ice bath later on sunday. lots of yelping and general gasping issuing forth from the tub. 

right now i should be grading my students' assignments, showering, and washing dishes. sooo this is it for me! xo

here's a video of mark with a pretty beautiful header

my leaf garland! 

these are delicious and seasonal. hershey kiss + mini nutter butter +  chocolate chip. nutella is the glue that holds it all together. 

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