Friday, September 21, 2012


my lookout spot for grading papers the other day

university of north texas this morning (i can't even tell you how many hot days i have wanted to dive into that fountain)
this is what i did during my office hour today. and this strip is exactly how i got mark to marry me...i offered to fry his coffee every morning! love him. 

a few things: 

1. i've noticed a decrease in my basic hygiene practices since high school. back then, i wouldn't dream of going to school without showering. yesterday as i was sitting in my yeats-auden class, it occurred to me that it had been about 48 hours since i last washed my hair. 

2. listen to this song. i had the privilege of playing it at my dear friend carson's wedding this past summer, and i have returned to it week after week. just yesterday i had a real eye-opening moment as i listened to the lines, "Your love is sweeter than honey, Your love is stronger than death, Your love lifts me of my burdens and teaches me to dance." God teaches me to dance: the kind of joy He wants for me is not one that i can find anywhere else, and it is not one that i will ever feel naturally, apart from Him. He teaches it. 

3. we have a pretty low-key weekend ahead of us, a few fun things planned, and a lot of homework. i am planning to bake some pumpkin treats, mark has a soccer game on sunday at 11, and for now i am doing laundry and deciding which room to clean first. but mostly just grateful it's the weekend! 

happy friday from the library bathroom! and nope, i did not wash my hair today either! 

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