Sunday, September 16, 2012


 our printer croaked during the first week of the semester, of course. the printhead needed to be replaced (i just said to mark, "what part broke? our masthead?"-- clearly i know nothing as he is still laughing at me), which, according to our friend jordan, is basically like the transmission blowing on your car (which i have a feeling might be soon for the maxima, but that car has been running on prayer for a long time so hopefully it continues for a while longer). anyway, after lots of inconvenient trips to campus just to print one-page assignments (mark is now banned from printing in the library for "abusing" his printing privileges. i'm not kidding), we ordered a new one.
the room in printer-setup uproar
the new printer
it's a wireless laser printer. the only problem is we can't get the wireless part to work right and we don't have a usb cord (printers don't come with those, obviously) so we have already made one trip to campus to print even though we have a brand new printer. sigh. help us, technological friends.

here's a photo mash-up from mark's soccer game on saturday, which they won 4-2 against university of texas at arlington. mark had one amazing goal, which i would give about anything to have on tape! 

before soccer games he makes french toast. i made him wear my apron, which was good for lots of giggles (by me)
i'm working on this whole photographing sports events thing; sometimes i have difficulty getting mark and the ball in the same shot (you should see my game film of his hockey games -- ha).  
yep, that's the beer barn in the background.
chillin out at art six coffee house afterward
oh, this is unrelated, but i thought everyone should know how much of the cheese wrapper mark ate before he realized he was eating paper on his sandwich

to close out the weekend, here's a list of things that make me extremely happy. 

1. a husband who is quick to encourage and affirm
2. the promise of new friends
3. cool wind, and having the windows open
4. cinnamon, my favorite spice
5. getting the new yorker in the mail even though i never have time to read an entire issue
6. the little things mark says to himself without realizing he's talking
7. tea in the morning

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  1. Chelsea, I love your blogging! And I love all of the pictures :) The cheese paper made me both GAG and laugh hysterically.. that would happen to Mark hahah.
    Your points of happiness are so sweet and I especially love Mark's love and encouragement for you (that, and tea of course:P).
    I love you and miss you daily! Thanks for providing a glimpse into your lives for us far off friends!!