Friday, September 28, 2012

birds, hearts

i might have developed a garland problem. there's just something about them. they look so...festive, and colorful and---interactive, or something---that i can't seem to stop making them.

i made the heart garland over our bed from paint chips that i grabbed at walmart. last weekend when we had friends over, i think it was catherine who commented that she was surprised at how bright and girly our bedroom is---surprised that mark doesn't mind, that is. well, to be honest, i'm surprised too, but so far he hasn't vetoed anything. not even the hearts. i guess he's just saving up to choose a really big battle? 

after i made the hearts, which he wasn't exactly thrilled with, he said, "why didn't you do birds or something?" which just seemed ingenious to me and i wished i'd thought of it, so i immediately made a bird garland from leftover scrapbook paper. that one is in our living room. i might have to cool it on the garlands for a while... 

(sorry about the blurry iphone pics. i really should buy some new batteries for our camera.)

also, a happy housewarming and move-in day to adam and anna! congratulations on buying your first home together! maybe i'll send you a housewarming garland. 

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